Tuesday, 7 July 2015

Road trippppppp!

As the title suggests, this post will be a very typical post of my recent road trip with my friends hahaha.

Since my parents didn't trust anyone below their age driving us, I had to lie to my parents about Evienne's mum being there because I am a badass and will do anything in my power to go on this trip. It surprises me how my parents are so protective yet lenient with me at the same time (given the fact that I am already 19).

me being a badass

So we left at 6 am thinking we could catch the sunrise, but we didn't. It was Evienne's second time driving outstation so we were in pretty good  great hands. haha

Arrived at Melaka at 8.30 and I wanted to have McDonalds. 
We didn't have McDonalds because Vivian wouldn't allow me to. Soooo we had these instead

Pretty good I must say 

So after that we went to do the most touristy thing we could do: visit Christ Church

Christ Church

And then we basically walked around the area and went into a bunch of museums. Will not get into that bcos who likes museums anyways?


 Vivian tryna do yoga

 Some stuff in the museum 

Thought the sunlight looked pretty nice here 

Very successful attempt of us acting like French women  

Vivian was basically our photographer for the whole trip. I think she's picking up photography. So we were her models for the day.


 After the museum, we went to St. Paul's church 

I personally really liked this church as I have a thingfor creepy looking old buildings. The church was filled with old Portugese tombstones with really gave it the mysterious and creepy element hahaha. Something about tombstones and wondering about the lives of those deceased really gets me going hehe. Promise I'm not a creep. 

The church has a pretty cool history and I'm pretty upset that the Eduction Ministry didn't include this our History syllabus back in secondary school :( 

or maybe they did.........

After that, we went to the ever so famous A'Famousa (A'Famosa)!!!! Geddit geddit 


Got a man from China to take this photo for us and I must say, he is quite the photographer.
Well at least he takes photos better than I ever could.

And then we went to walk around Jonker Street and found this really cool wall with really cool and colourful wall art! This was probably Vivian's favourite part of the trip as she's recently been getting quite into photography and has been pretty anal about her photography editing and whatnot. Viv u qt

Here are some unedited shots by Viv:

My legs are in an awkward position, I'm aware

So yeah. Pretty cool shots huh?

Evienne and I

Passed by this cool Portugese/ Dutch looking building and I really liked it so we stopped to take some derpy photos hahah. Forgive for the lousy quality and unedited photos as I'm not much of a photographer as you probably would've realized at this point

Some photos of Viv being cute 

To anyone who is planning to go to Meleka, do try their Coconut shakes. They are da bombzzzzzz especially in this shitty hot Malaysian weather.

Yup, me with my Coconut shake 

Also, I'm aware that I'm a little late on this but ohmygoddddd these spiral potatoes are so good. SO GOOD. They sell them right in front of Christ Church. Highly recommended. 

Me in my happy place

Thats all for my Melaka trip! We did stop by Seremban and got some Seremban food while meeting up with Vivian's Seremban friend, Justin, but no photos for that because I'm a lazy prick :D


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