Thursday, 16 July 2015

Hanoi, Vietnam

Helllooooo everyone!

This was actually a trip back in February so it was winter in Hanoi! It wasn't THAT cold (17-20 degrees) as coming from Malaysia, all anyone ever longs for is cold weather hahaha

So when we first got there, I was pretty shocked to see the state of Hanoi. Since they had only just gotten out of war a couple of years back, the town was pretty run down. Hanoi is perfect for those who appreciate history as they have lots of remains from the war like jails, temples etc... just in case these things may interest you

Mandatory shot


1.Heart of Hanoi

 Okay, So this was basically the center of the town. The famous roundabout marks the Heart of Hanoi. The thing about this roundabout is that there aren't any rules on how to use it, so drivers, motorcyclists and pedestrians would just walk any way and however they want to.

The hardest thing to do in Hanoi: Cross the roads.
Drivers are SO reluctant to stop for you. They literally would only stop if you were about a meter away from them. ADRENALINE RUSH CROSSING THE ROAD 

Roundabout (source:  Google)

The ONLY KFC in Hanoi

 Not a Vietnamese girl 

2.Hoan Kiem Lake: 
Located right next to the roundabout.
Chuck Meng Nam Moi! <---translate that from vietnamese to english haha
Since we went during Chinese New Year and most Vietnamese celebrate CNY too, there were loads of people dressed up to take family photos at this lake. Apparently, this was a tradition of the Vietnamese, and also what my mum and my grandparents did in the 60s-70s. SEE WHAT I MEAN

3.Streets of Hanoi

Vietnamese people do this thing where they sit on REALLY REALLY small stoops and tables to eat. LOOK


 Traditional Vietnamese food 

4.Dinner at The Rooftop

View: 8.5/10
Food: 5/10
Pricing: 5/10 (pretty pricey)
 Restaurant was located at the top of this building

 Sunset during dinner 

 Hoan Kiem Lake

5.Halong Bay

Favourite favourite part of the trip!

Halong Bay is famous for having thousands of little unique islands. 
We went on the Huong Hai Ha Long cruise. Service  was 10/10 and the rooms were 9/10! However, the jetty was a 3 hour bus ride from Hanoi 





Some sites we visited during the cruise included a cave, hiking up a mountain and kayaking to Monkey Island. Yes, it was an island infested with monkeys.

Unfortunately, we only stayed for 2D1N so.......:(

5. Hoa Lo Prison

Second favourite part of Hanoi just because I have a thing for prisons. Me and Luanne forced my parents to visit this prison tbh HAHAH


 Prison Entrance before it was renovated

 Prison Uniform

 Prison Blanket


 Machine used to chop prisoner's heads

 Solitary cells

6. Temple of Literature

Oldest university in Hanoi built in 1070!

All in all, there wasn't much to do in Hanoi but it was a lovely town. Sorta like a blast to the 70s kinda thing with really nice weather :D 

Thats all for now, BYE!

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